Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Minute Surprises! (:

heyheyhey!!! been a long time, eh? I sowwy bout that lol. I haven't actually been busy, I've just been neglecting this poor blog lol. Let's see.... what's new.... my church's youth group went to Indian Creek Baptist Camp again this year (: Alot of funnnn (: made some new friends and great memories and the best part? got closer to the Lord and now know what His plan for me is... anything with children, feeling Him calling me to be a youth pastor's wife and/or a teacher (: oohh teacher!! speaking of which... great news... ready to hear??? I'm gonna be a junior church teacher!!!!! eeeekkk!!! so excited hahah, but veerrryyy nervous at the same time.... my lil sis is gonna help me though, so this should be fun (: my first Sunday to teach is Sunday after this coming Sunday....aaaahh!!! pray for me please! (: oohhh so the last minute thing.... my older sis, Bekah, visited me for the weekend last weekend (: talk about last minute lol... last Wednesday night she called me and we were talking and then she was like "I have nothing to do this weekend, how bout I come over?" yes, we're crazy like that ;D soooo, she came over Friday night, took her 3 hrs! and then Saturday we did my Senior pics ( and yes they are early.... but this is really the only time we could get it in.... better early than never, right? ;D so yeah, we had a pretty fun and eventful weekend (: great sissy hang time too (: so yeah..... i don't know what else is happening in my crazy life.... school is starting soon.... who's excited??? not me!!! well, kinda... last year :D i feel old lol..... i need to stop growing lol. ok, so I'm dead tired.... I'm headed off to bed... nighty night, loves (:

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