Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi from Europe! :D

So. I'm in Germany!! yayyay! (: visiting my bro and sister in law. (: the flight was great…. I was terrified when it started, but I got over that. there was a guy that sat next to josh who snored the whoooollleee flight!!! sooo annoying. Didn’t sleep much/well…. Just over the ocean, hallelujah. I stayed up mostly listening to music…. Heard a lot of good/fav ones. then the next morning as we flew near Iceland, watched New Years Eve. *love* (: after what seemed FOREVER, we finally landed in Denmark. Our plane landed on the OPPOSITE side of where we needed to go so we ended up walking through this huge airport that seemed to be a mall lol. after waiting about a half hour, we boarded our last plane to Frankfurt. That was an awesome short flight. Josh sat at the window, I sat next to him and dad sat next to me…. We all were trying to see out the window :P anywho, got to Frankfurt…our pilot took forever to land lol. and it happened again…… we had to walk alllll the way through the airport to get our luggage. -.- my feet hurt so bad. I hate tennis shoes :P we got our luggage then headed out the exit where we found a smiling boy named Nathan… ecstatic to see us all :P I got a dp shortly after that andnow I’m lounging in my bro’s living room….. *sigh* everything's good over here, how bout there?

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