Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bubbly Bubbly Bubbly!!!!! :D

Sooooo, haven't posted in ages, and I realized that my last post was kind of a drearyish one. I doubt anyone comes on here anymore anyway because I have basically stopped blogging, no intention of course, just been busy and my computer crashed. :-/ Sooooo, Brookie is BACCCCKKK for a few. :D

Christmas is almost here!!! who's excited??? :D what do y'all want for Christmas? I love Christmas time (: Sad part- it starts the beginning of a wonderful year coming to an end. :(

This year has been SSOOOOO much fun and so full of surprises!! Quick run-down:
January--Started the whole roller coaster ride year.
February-- Don't recall anything fun happening then lol.
March-- I started becoming super duper close with one of my now super duper duper close friends (: and I started viewing my life a lil different then what it has been.
April-- hmmmm, don't recall anything fun then either :P
May-- The start of the going down part on the roller coaster ride, just as all the fun begins :D We went to TX for Issy's wedding and I was able to visit all my wonderful TX friends (:
June-- We started going to a church which we now call ours, and we have met some really great people. (: Also went to Six Flags Great America for the first time :D
July-- Biggest thing in this month, Indian Creek Baptist Camp. So much fun, but so tiring lol. Made wonderful memories there with my Lil Sis and adopted her there too. (: Also helped in VBS for the first time (:
August-- Had personal problems then, but they all worked out in the end (: Also, my dad's birthday month, and the month I started 11th grade. Went to Six Flags Great America again.
September-- Sissy came and visited me for 3 days and she came to find out that Indiana is the place God is calling her to move too, so come March she will be much closer to me!!!! (:
October-- What a great month! Went on our family's annual color tour trip and also..... turned 16!! :D Started wearing contacts then too (:
November-- Thanksgiving :D and the Lions lost, so, not a good day then :P
And now, December-- Great month already :D Can't wait to see what's in store for me next year. I kinda hope that it will be a roller coaster ride too, but, maybe less drama then lol. All in all- best year for me :D

Ok, so now that my year run-down is over, what did y'all do this year that was exciting? Was it a roller coaster ride for you too? I hope so :D

Over the course of the year, I have kinda drifted from God which pains me greatly to say. But, His mercy never ends, and now I'm back in His loving arms. Praise God for His wonderful mercy towards us all!!! He's great and worthy of our praise. :D

And now for a lil more serious stuff- I have a request to make. Will y'all please pray for a super close friend of me? I'm not giving any names out or any description. Just a friend of mine. This friend needs urgent prayer concerning salvation. There are about 3 people talking to this friend and I do believe that God can save this person.... God can do anything but fail. If God can make heaven and earth and all that is in them, then the Lord can easily save this person. I have faith that He will. Just please pray for my friend's heart to soften and accept Christ. This means ALOT to me!! thank you (:

Now, lets seeeeee............ I can't think of anything more to say. :-/ Bubbly Brookie should go now.

Thanks for listening to my rambling :P And if/when you get the chance, please check out my photography page: http://remembrancefotos.blogspot.com/ or like it on facebook!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Remembrance-Fotos/208014205907578 :D ta-ta for now (:


Bekah said...


I love you.

And there's always gonna be a roller-coaster ride - some dips and turns will be more dramatic than others, and sometimes you'll even feel like you're flipped upside down - but the great Designer and Conductor of this whole ride is holding you very tightly and will never, ever drop you...and has placed some people, like me, in the same coaster car to laugh, scream, and throw our hands in the air together. ;) <3

Brooke said...

awww thanks Sis, that means alot to me <3 You're the bestest (: