Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Sister Memories.... (:

I miss my "sisters". All of them. Even if one of them was just here, and one of them lives a few minutes away from me. I still miss them. I love all you girls so much....

I miss my big sister, Rebekah. She was just here, but I still miss her. We had so much great memories in the short times that we have been together. I know we didn’t sing much together, but when we did, you had the bestest voice I’ve ever heard….. girl. :P I love all our inside jokes which make me laugh everytime I think about them. I miss how we would have a pillow fight and you’d end up winning. I miss our photo shoot that we did… jumping and playing and running and dancing on the playground. I miss you, Sissy.

I Miss my Lil Sis, Jadyn, even though I see her every week. I wish we could spend every day together, and be real sisters. I love our Indian Creek camp memories and inside jokes from then. I love how you make me laugh everytime I see you. I love how you doodle on my church notes and make me re-write them so you can doodle on them some more. I love how you jump on me and catch me off guard, but never fails, I will always catch you. You’re my lil sis and I love you dearly… my lil bombardier beetle.

I miss my “twin”, best friends since forever…. I miss how we could just spend hours talking about everything and not have a worry in the world. I miss how we would stay up til 3 in the morning whenever we stayed at each other’s houses. I miss how when we sang, it was so serious to us, and how we would make our songs meaningful. I miss how when we did sing, our voices matched, to make one perfect voice. I miss you, Krista.

And last but not least.... I miss my lil Hannah Banana. How music was so important to us too. I miss how I could just pick a random song to play on the piano, and you could match every note on your violin. I loved how our voices blended perfectly too, how I would sing soprano, and you’d take up alto, with your angelic voice. We made such great music. And I miss our silly little girl games that I would trade anything in the world for if we could play them right now. I miss how we played dress up and had our photo shoot and felt like princesses. I miss you, Hannah.

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