Friday, October 21, 2011

Sister Times (:

A couple weeks ago, I was blessed to have my older sissy come visit (: We had sooooo much fun together!!!! :D she was here for only 3 days, but it was 3 of the greatest days ever (: love you sissy!!! anyway, here's a few pics that I thought you'd like (:

on the Thursday that she was here, we went to the mall with the Barrett girls as well (: here's the two of the many dresses we tried on lol. i really liked that red one (:

when we first got to the mall, we saw a carousel ride :D never too old for those. $2 per person and it was totally worth it!! :D

haha don't ask.... :P

driving home from the airport after picking her up (yes these pics are outta order :P)

the Tuesday she was here, we had a sister photo shoot :D this is one of our favs :D:D

another of our favs... this one is my absolute fav :D

Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters.... :D

ok, this one is my fav :D:D

Hope you enjoyed.... :D:D love and miss ya, sissy *heart*


Hannah said...

You posted! looks like you're havin tons of fun over there! :)

Love ya!


~Miss Zara~ said...

Love the photos :)

Brooke said...

Hannah, we did (:
Zara, thanks :D