Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Girl Outing (:

Howdy! :D miss me?? 'course you did ;) :P Anyway, yesterday afternoon the Barrett girls stole me once again (: they came to my house around 4:45ish and picked me up to go visit Alyssa and Leanna up at Camp Joy where they are working. We left Camp Joy around 9ish and I stayed the night with the Barretts and Jadyn and her friend, Becca. We had a blast going to and from Camp Joy. Jadyn is such a character! She kept rapping different things.... our names. :P One of the first times she rapped my name she spelt it Broke. :P Alot of laughter and giggles last night. When we got to the house after Camp Joy we watched "scary" movies lol. The first we watched was Red Eye which is actually a really awesome suspensful movie... not scary. And then we watched Signs- a dumb "creepy" movie. I didn't really care for it. There were some scenes that were scary. Becca, Jadyn, and I curled up on the couch for Signs and one of them screamed during one part. the best thing about this movie night was that we slept in the basement. :D:D anyway, today I came back home but this morning I helped the Barretts with their garage sale. Jadyn and I had a blast going through clothes. I actually got a couple new skirts for free. (: Been in desperate need of them lol. Anyway, enough of my babbling- here's the pics. enjoy :D

Jadyn told me to wear the hat, fuzzy green flipflops, and to hold the skateboard and pose for a pic. :P Here's the result lol.

Guess whoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninja girl... ;)

Last night before movies. Jadyn wanted me to get a pic of her jumping off the couch. the best pic right here :P I told her she kinda looked like a ghost :P

That's Jadyn for ya

Again :P

Jadyn and Olivia before Red Eye and Signs

Acting creepy :P

The place where we slept. I got the couch on the far right, Becca slept on the floor, Laura left during the night, Olivia got the couch on the left, and Jadyn got the chair behind me (you can't see)

Jadyn hyped up on sugar (Dr. Pepper :P)

eating/drinking the mild hot sauce from Taco Bell.

That be all! not much- I know. Hoped you liked tho :D


Bekah said...

Y'all are such goofs :) Can't wait to see some pics from camp!

Brooke said...

lol thanks, we know ;) :P Pics are coming.... soon. idk when :P