Friday, May 27, 2011

Friends. (:

So, as y'all know, we were able to make it to TX for my oldest "sis's" wedding the first week of May. :D it was soooooooo great to see all my friends again, very refreshing. (: I miss everyone alot again, but this pain isn't as bad as the last time, PTL. :D I still have my moments when I get really bummed about not being with them. About not being with Charity and watching her grow up. :-/ About not being with Kris and Hannah and having 1,000,000 laughs and giggles with them like I used to. But, one day all of us girlys will be together forever, and I can't wait til that time. :D I hope to see all y'all soon!!!!!!! And please know that I love y'all sooooooooooooo very much and miss ya just as much. NOTHING will ever change that, I promise. *Heartheartheartheartheartheartheart* I had sooo much fun on this last trip, and I would give anything to do it again and again. (: anyway, here's some pics I thought y'all would enjoy. (:

Candid of Chris, but a cute one of Charity. :P

hahaha, Chris... hahahaha. Charity is adorable!! :D

The handsome ringbearer and cute flowergirl. :D

being cute the Sunday we were there. (: (she's ALWAYS cute)

Giving my baby girl a horsie ride :P she's heavy lol (yes, y'all, these pics are outta order. :P)

I look weird and Charity looks goofy :P

haha action shot. :P i actually started walking off before she got on and she ran after me jumping on my back :P she finally got on lol. (see above pics :P) She told me to go around a table that Hannah is standing by (she's the one who took the pics) and go around the small trampoline and through the kitchen and back again.... until dinnertime.... which was about 2 hrs away. :P HA! that didn't happen lol.

Krista's, Hannah's, and my first letter initials in the WARM, SOFT, TX dirt!!! :D:D:D:D i took my flipflops off and walked barefoot in the Strickland's pasture (where i wrote this lol) i really like this pic (:

A few minutes before leaving. Saying our final goodbyes, Charity always knows when I'm taking her pic. She was just standing there and I grabbed the camera, she looked my way and smiled. :P i LOVE that girl!!! sooo stinkin much. I cried like a baby for like 2 and 1/2 hrs that day because i kept thinking of her :-/

Giving her a piggyback ride. *heart* i could do that for a living :P I'm so proud to be her Brookie Unni *heart*

LOVE this pic :D:D:D I love how we're both wearing green lol

Last night with Kris. (:
"We are the UC Borg, you will NOT be assimilated, you will NOT be added unto our own, we do NOT want your thoughts to be our thoughts. Resistance is wanted." :P i love you, Kris.

Me and my 'bf', Isaiah. i LOVE this pic too :D

Me and my princessy sister. (: i love ya bunches, Kris. *heart*

Good pic. :D probably my new fav :D:D

Well... tied with this one :D

for Kris..... here's "our" dad going through transport. bahahahaha!!!!! :P LOVE this picture, great memory :D

Kind of a good one lol :D Kris, you make it look good!!! :D

I don't know why Chris wasn't smiling.... she's being herself :P I was looking at Chris's camera, and Hannah seems to be her peaceful self :P love these girlys. :D we tried to pull an allnighter that night but it didn't work lol on this morning (may 8th), i went to church at Charity then spent the rest of the day with the Hallmans, after their afternoon service which i spent with them :D:D

before services. We girls took a bunch of pics :P my baby girl and i :D:D I wore Chris's necklace!!! :D:D:D :P

May 7th now.

After the wedding- heading to the Strickland's house. The best we got outta these pics :P We took SEVERAL. :D mostly goofy ones lol

hahahaha seth's face in the background adds to this :P Funny how Kris and i did opposite faces, mine- big cheeks, her's- fish face :P

before i switched seats. lol, i was leaning over alot, it hurt lol. :P

hahahaha :D

I was "choking" her lol :P

My lil "sis", Sarah. a.k.a. Lido. :D

(Us girlys all together after the wedding. (: LOVE Charity's expression!! :P)

see those girls?!?!?!?!?! yeah, the uber pretty ones..... they are MYYYYYYY sisters!!!!!!! :D:D:D *heart*

good one of Kris, Hannah, and me. Charity is kinda hidden lol. Love this pic so much :D

Doing the thing we're both SOOOO good at.... fighting. :P i love you Krista Joy Hallman!! you are my best friend/sister and that will NEVER change!!!! ever!!!! (: I'm glad the Lord blessed me with being your friend for...... a long time :P *heart*

During the reception. me with the most beautiful bridesmaid!!! Hannah, you are one of the sweetest, prettiest gals on earth and I'm sooo happy/blessed I'm your big sis. I know you and I weren't best friends when we first met, but I thank God every day that we came closer to each other after 2005. I don't know how I would survive without you as my lil sis. *heart*

Me with the bestest friend on planet earth and the prettiest. ;) i love ya lots, Kris. Glad you still love me even with all my quirks... like wearing a sweater in 95 degrees :P

Chris wanted to do my hair.... this is how it went. :P haha jkjk, she was very nice about it. (: it looked pretty the first time then she butchered it :P hahaha jk.

Before the "hair-torturment" took place. :P haha.

The first night we got in. Hannah and I gave Charity a bath but I think Hannah, Chris, and I got more wet than her. haha jk. but Chris did splash water all over Hannah and i.... and, ummm.... soap. :P that was soooo much fun!! :D

After we got wet, thanks to Chris. :P btw, this was the beginning of getting wet :P

Me and my lil sis, hannah. *Heart* Hope you enjoyed the pics!! :D

"What happens between sisters, stays between sisters!!!"~ unknown


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