Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 8

Day 8- a picture that makes you laugh.
Welll... i got two here. These two bring back a lot of good/fun memories. I have more, but those are personal funny pics.;) Here they is. ennnjooooyyyy :D

The night Kris and I had our first "real" bff photo shoot. If you look uber close, you can see scratch marks on my nose and eyebrow. My cat Fluff scratched me like 10 mins before Kris showed up. That night we attempted to watch all the LCS series :P didn't work... we ended up making fun of Mandie :P "John Saw's Shignature?" :P Miss you Kris!! and I also think this was the night my kittens scratched Kris really deep on both her hands :P One on each hand lol. (I think this was the night I became an agent too..... idr)

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... YES..... that IS charity in my dress. YES she IS naked :P At least I had her covered up all the way :P YAY for a long dress ;) This was the day Hannah and I had our dressy photo shoot... check em out at http://brookesfotos.blogspot.com Hope you enjoyed these interesting pics. ;)

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