Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 29

Day 29- A picture that can always make you smile. Brooke's rephrasing: "A few pictures that can always make you smile/laugh" ;) :P Once again, over one. ;) Brings back a lot of memories and laughter and fuuuuunnnn times. :D enjjjoyyyyy..... one more day of this :( *sniffsniff* :P jkjk.
redneck pistol. ;) toddler TX kids created this..... they're learning early :P Love you, Hallman Clan!!!!!!! *Heart*

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....... GREAT times!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, baby girl!!!! (yes, she is in my dress :P) *heart, hug, kiss*
hehehehehehehehehehe. Hannah helped me create this. love ya, girl!!!!! It's supposed to be crying, hence the little pancakes near it's "eyes" and the syrup is supposed to be tears but that came out kinda fast :P

My baby girl learning how to text at 4 and 1/2. :P She actually sent a REAL text to one of my friends when i was there. Brookie Unni coached her ;) She's a lil cutie *heartheartheartheartheartheart*

Me and one of my bffs at Nate and Tracy's wedding. fun couple of days with them peoples. :P

My baby girl. This makes me smile b/c she's so stinkin cute!!!! :D

'nuf said. :P My bros are pyromaniacs. :P I look soooooooooo interested.

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