Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 23

Day 23- A picture of your favorite book.
I think from now on I'm gonna put "pictures of..." :P I decided on three this time :D ennnjjjjjooooyyyyyyyssssss *heart*

All Lori Wick, btw.
Cassidy.... a new fav :D love this book.

Promise Me Tomorrow.... a very VERY good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! This is the book where I got the name "Rusty" from. :D I'm so much like the character in this book, it's weird. except, i have brown eyes... not violet :P

My first ever fav book.... Where The Wild Rose Blooms. A very good/romantic book. All these are Christian fiction; this one and the one above are part of a four book series called the Rocky Mountain Memories Series.... veryveryvery good. In order: "Where The Wild Rose Blooms", "Whispers of Moonlight", "To Know Her By Name", and "Promise Me Tomorrow". they do revolve around the same characters.... kinda.. sorta. :P I highly recommend them!!!!

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