Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13

Day 13- a picture of your favorite artist/band.
HA!!! ONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! seriously???? I narrowed it down to five... i LOVE music so i have alot of fav bands/artists. ennnnjjjjjjjooooyyyyyy :)

Carrie Underwood- fav song: "Just a Dream" or "Some Hearts"

Celtic Thunder... that's a durh :P I have so many favs of theirs, but I'll say "A Bird Without Wings" is my fav :) (l to r: George Donaldson, Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelly, and Paul Byrom)

Celtic Woman.. another durh. I LOVE cw!!! and ct. lol. Fav song??? All of them :P ok... "You Raise Me Up" or "Someday" (l to r: Lisa Kelly, Chloe Agnew, Orla Fallon, Mairead Nesbitt, and Lynn Hilary)

Lady A!!!! LOVE them.... :D:D:D:D fav song: "I Run To You", "Home Is Where The Heart Is", "Never Alone", and "I Was Here". :) (l to r: Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Dave Haywood)

TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course!! :P I love all her songs!! i can't even list them all. :P


{Far From Perfect} said...


All of these people.

Especially T. Swift :) and Lady Antebellum!!! So many great memories of country roads singing those songs at the top of our lungs!

Brooke said...

u like them too??? That's awesome! :D I love taylor swift and lady a the best!!!