Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

Howdy!! I saw this on the Internet and thought "Hey, I'm gonna try that" :P We'll see how well i do, but it should keep me posting each day. I'm doing the 1st and 2nd today. :) ennnjoooooyyyy!!!! :D

Day 1-
1. My mom wanted to name me Jada or Autumn. Dad wanted me to be named Marina :P
2. I shot my first gun at.... 12 i believe. Not sure
3. People think I'm older than what I am.
4. I grew up in TX
5. I love the smell of summer
6. about 59 or 60 days til I'm in TX
7. I freeze easily!
8. I've always wanted to have a different color of hair.
9. My favorite number is 5
10. I don't cry easily
11. I can't wait until this summer!!
12. I want to dance in the rain
13. I only have about 3 super close friends
14. My favorite month is May
15. I love my friends!!!!
Day 2-- this one is a lil difficult because I've been close to my bros and....

Krista for the longest. :)

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