Friday, February 18, 2011

WARNING: Random Ahead!! :P

Alrighty, I'm so bored I'm just gonna go loony and post a very random post ;)
I love "sister" movies. :D watching one right now. :) I love sparkles, soft/fuzzy clothes, and shiny things. :P My new fav song at the moment is "Together" by Michelle Branch, a sistery song. :D "All my life, everybody's always seen me a certain way...." Sorry, had to share. Off of the movie I'm watching. :) My quote 'cause it's so true. Tomorrow I'll get to talk to my big sis. :D Love that girl. she's the kinda person that I can honestly trust with everything. Not saying that i don't trust my other bffs, but.... well, you know what I mean lol. I'm really into shirts lately. Idk why, but i'm in love with the shirts at wally world lately. :P I wanna learn karate and other self-defense 'programs' I guess they're called lol. I've always wondered what people have said about me to their other friends, if they talk about me at all lol. :P I'm super tired at the moment. I'm gathering more and more courage these days. I'm gonna go to bed. It's looking very inviting. I'm gonna go now. I'm going. See?? I'm leaving ;) Talk to you later :)

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