Thursday, February 24, 2011

HIiiiiiiiiiiiii. :)

Howdy!!! So I've been really busy lately. sorry for not updating much recently. Lets see... what's new...... well..... not much. Well, alot... but that's kinda personal. lol. Ummm..... I can NOT wait 'til spring!!! :D Gettin sick of snow and cold weather. :-/ I miss the smell of spring and summer. I miss running outside and not be cold. I miss going bare foot or wearing flip flops. *sigh* gooooood days those are!! :)
I have some new recent pics that I posted on my FOTO BLOG. They're mirrored pics..... LOVE them. :)
I've been trying my hardest to regain my focus and concentrate in school, but that doesn't seem to be working too well. Please pray for me. I have improved some, PTL! I really need to start focusing again..... I don't wanna re-do 10th grade. :-/
So, I'm gonna go now. I'll update y'all later, or at least try to lol. Bye for now!!! :)

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