Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hi!!!! hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you??????? really?? that's good!! oh, by the way..... hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Okay... on to more random stuff..... hi! :D ;) This weekend I plan on talking to all my girls... so far so good! Last night was my two little sisters, Hannah and Charity. <3 great girls. Love them. I had a splendid time laughing, joking, planning, and talking with them. Felt like old times. Wish I was there though...... to see their expressions. To have a Charity hug. *sigh* I miss the good ol' days. :) Then, today, I was able to talk with my bff, Faith. <3 :D I miss her too. We talked, laughed, shared some secrets, and giggled like old times too. :) ooooh.... I wish May would come sooner. (Speaking of which... could you all PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE PRAY with me???? PLEASE!!!! very important!!! We're gonna need alot of prayer to be able to go down in May. Please be praying for us!! If it doesn't work out, i know several girls who will be heartbroken and I know a little girl whose heart will probably break the most. {charity} so PLEASE pray with us!!!!! thank you!!) Anyway, tomorrow, I should talk with my other bff, twin, partner in crime, fellow UC Borg, lil sister, Kris!!! :D <3 Hopefully we'll talk longer than we did last week! :) I wish i could talk with my older sis, but she's at a horse camp and enjoying it immensely! i don't blame her :P At least it gives me time to talk with my other girls. <3 Anyway....... lets see........ I don't really know what else to say. :-/ Ummm.... hi?!!!!!!!!!!! :P alrighty, I'll stop boring y'all... again :P ;) jk I'll post more later. <3 byeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!

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