Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Current Stats....

HIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm bored, so I decided to do a random post... my STATS!!!! :D:D:D Okay, so you're thinking "What's the big deal??" Well.... I'm bored :-/ You don't have to read if you don't wanna. :P anyway, on to *clears throat and speaks in announcer voice* more important matters. :P Here we go!!!

Total Blog Views of All Time: 3,611
Popular Post: "A Quick Post" on April 21, 2010 (Views: 198)
2nd Popular Post: "Another Quick Post" on May 12, 2010 (Views: 173)
3rd Popular Post: "The 2009 Year! (Blog Post Part 2)" on December 31, 2009 (Views: 90)
Places where my blog has been viewed in all time:
2,335 views from the US.
231 views from the UK.
216 views in the Netherlands.
184 views in Germany.
143 views in Russia.
44 views in Brazil.
34 views in Slovenia.
29 views in China.
28 views in Luxembourg.
and last but not least:
25 views in Switzerland!!
Wow..... PLEASE leave a comment, I'd love to get to know y'all from the different countries! thanks for looking!! :)
The top keyword to find my blog is: "brooketexasgirl"
2nd top keyword is: "mrs. achuff and texas"
3rd top keyword is: "courage has a crimson coat"
Top Browsers are:
Internet Explorer coming in first with 2,700 (75%).
Firefox with 491 (13%) in second place.
and Chrome with 174 (4%) coming in last. :)
Opera with 115 (3%)
Safari with 78 (2%)
Netscape with 13 (1%)
QQDownload with 11 (1%)
BAVM with 3 (1%)
NS8 with 3 (1%)
NetFront with 3 (1%)
Top Operating Systems:
Windows coming in first with 3,444 (95%)
Macintosh coming in scond/final with 76 (2%)
iPad with 29 (1%)
Other Unix with 27 (1%)
Linux with 16 (1%)
BlackBerry with 8 (1%)
SonyEricsson with 3 (1%)
Nintendo Wii with 1 (1%)
Nokia with 1 (1%)
iPhone with 1 (1%).
Alrighty..... there's my main stats! Ain't that awesome! please... leave a comment! :D I'd love to get to know ya!!! If it makes ya any more comfortable... I moderate comments, if you don't want me to publish a comment, I won't. Just say so in the comment. :)

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