Monday, January 31, 2011

No Title..... Very Random...

Hi!!!!!! what's up????? and please don't say the sky or heaven, I know that :P Ummm, what's new you ask??? Well, I'm craving Italian food like crazy!!!! I'm listening to music. I had a horrible day. I wanna go home bad, I can't even listen to or play a song without crying if it reminds me of home. Sorry if I sound emotional, but it's very hard adjusting up here. It's freezing outside. We're supposed to have a blizzard. :-/ I despise snow. I hate Mondays. Yesterday at church was pretty awesome. I love photography and have been thinking about it constantly. I love my 'sisters' :D I have the most amusing conversations with them. :P I miss my sisters. :-/ Life is boring and slow right now. I'm wearing 8 bracelets right now, a mixture of silly bands and others. I can't wait for spring!! I'm supposed to finish my science project on Friday and I haven't even started it :P I love break up songs and don't even know why. Just ask Alex :P I'm actually comfortable- not freezing or burning.... surprise surprise. lol I still need to write 4 or 5 of my friends. :-/ Sorry girls. I don't think homework should last 2-3 hours. I HATE, DETEST, DESPISE algebra!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x-( We have ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D If you can't tell, I'm bored and my mind is hopping everywhere, so I'm kinda between emotions :P My room smells flowery, very girly. "When my world is falling apart. When there's no light to break up the dark, that's when I, I, I look at you. When the waves are flooding the shore, and I can't find my way home anymore. That's when I, I, I look at you." :P sorry, had to post. it's the song I'm listening to right now. Very nice. I don't usually listen to the girl who sings it though. I don't care for her. For those who don't know who she is... you ain't missing out on much. :P Anyway, that song is dedicated to my friends and family. <3 Love you guys!!! Are you bored of this yet?????? Okay, then. I'll stop. Thanks for reading!!! Hope you enjoyed my randomness. :P Talk later!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Still Alive :D

Sorry for not updating in awhile!!! Been super busy. We took our semester exams last week and yesterday. Soooo happy, did fairly well! :D:D:D Like my new background?? I thought that it may be time for a change.... again. :P Sorry, but this is gonna be short, gotta do a few other stuff as well. Anyway, I just ask that y'all would keep me in your prayers, I'm struggling on a few things, and ask that y'all would pray. thanks!! :D gotta go byeeeeee.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Time for an Update.... finally. :P

Howdy!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D Soo... i've been super busy since the New Year. In fact, I still have to do some History homework.... grand. :-/ Have i mentioned that hw for 10th grade takes about 2 hours to finish???? :( Not so happy. Anyway, on to the update....
The couple of days with our relatives in MI was great. Got to hold my little cousin, Faith. :) Guess what........ I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We left and I was like.... I, uh, forgot my camera. :-/ Not cool.... hey now.... don't blame me. Blame my sleep deprivation. :P Soo.... I guess I should tell my story of my awesome all-nighter, huh???? Well..... in one word??? AWESOME!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
We started around 7ish, starting with the orientation. We had to pay our $10 fee and got the rules laid down. After that, we headed to the gym to play Lazer tag. My team went first for two rounds and WON them!!!! :D:D:D Being in a team, you kinda have to meet people, I had the pleasure of meeting Annika and Briana at that point. I met some other girls later. :) After our lazer tag turn, the ones that already played went over to the third section of the gym to play dodge ball. :D:D:D It was awesome. :) There was this one guy on the opposite team that would throw really fast/hard small balls. It would definitely have hurt if you got hit by one of these. I almost did, right in the face.... luckily I'm short. :P It went right above my head.... you could hear it smack against it and almost feel it. It would have really hurt, that's for sure. Anyway..... after dodge ball, we all headed to the other gym (which became the main gym shortly) to get something to eat. We ate Taco mount.... for those who have no idea what that is, you get a couple of chips and put different toppings on it. YUMMY!!! :D Course, we all regretted it later... running. lol. While eating, Briana was talking to me and she mixed up her words on accident and just started to laugh her head off... it was hilarious. While laughing, Alexus (i think that's how she spells it) came in, along with her sister Christiana. So, Briana, Alexus, and I became the three musketeers. :D After eating, we went back to the orientation room to learn how to play the next game. The next game was called Underground Church. It was SOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The object was to get to the destination (it would change.... Sometimes it would be the lobby of the church, or the sanctuary, or the cafe... etc) without being caught by the "policemen" a.k.a the youth leaders. (Reason why.... we learned about different people in different parts of the country that would be beaten for their belief) The youth leaders would have flashlights (later it became that AND noodles haha) and if you get flashed by them, you have to go to 'jail'... which was like right across from the "church". Briana, Alexus, and I would ALWAYS get caught. Buuuutttt we had a blast!!!! :D I did a awesome move one time.... okay, the main pastor, Pastor Minton, was coming down the hall and I was in the dark corner of a school room doorway, I stood up against one end of it while he went by. I held my breath... thinking I was gonna get caught... HA!!! :D After he passed, I switched to the other side. Whew!!! :D I was sooooooooooooooooooooo close to getting caught!!! I joined Briana (Alexus got caught already) and so we started for the designation for the church.... i don't remember where it was at, we didn't make it. :-/ We were put in 'jail', along with a couple of the other teens. We played this game about two more times, then we did our free time in the gym. We got to do whatever we wanted. :) We played lazer tag, some basketball, and a lil bit of dodge ball. After that we started a new game called Scalp. :D It's like a hide-and-seek tag. :D (this is when I met the other Briana) You put a piece of tape on your back and if a tagger gets it, you put it on your leg, and you're a tagger. :D One time, I ran right into a couple of the taggers... almost got away. The kid right behind me grabbed my shirt... along with the tape. I was going SUPER fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Terri (A youth leader) told me I was really bookin it there. lol. (You proud, Kris?? ;)) I got a couple of war wounds from this game... a bruise on my palm from running smack-dab into a switch on the wall. I was trying to catch this one kid in another gym (a older one, not one of the main ones) along with Pastor Minton. I almost had him.... he was coming one way I was gonna catch him in the middle, instead, I caught a bruise in the hand. It hurt for a lil bit, but I got that kid. I was right behind him and I grabbed the tape from his back. :D Pastor Minton was sure glad bout that. lol. We played a few other games for awhile. We were going to play another game (which ended up being Scalp), so we played Dodge ball for it. Guys against girls... awesome huh? I actually caught one of the guys balls!!!!! :D:D:D:D It was awesome and didn't hurt at all... course I'm used to that kinda stuff. We played that round of Scalp... and I think we also played Underground Church once more. Anyway, after that, we soon had breakfast around 6ish in the morning and almost everyone was sleeping!! haha.... not me. ;) Mom picked Josh and I up around 7, a lil ways down the road, I was out. I was super tired... and SORE!!!!!!
Sooo... that was my all-nighter story. There's more memories in it, but I think I'd take forever going through them. lol. That's why I was so tired.... and sore!!! It hurt to move. Glad to say I'm much better. :D Alrighty..... I gotta get this hw done. I'll talk later. Oh, stop by my foto blog, I updated over there. My 'sis' and 'cuz' asked me to do their pics. Had soo much fun. Alrighty, talk later. Byyyyeeeeeee.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just to say..................

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I'm still alive :) I'll update everything later. :D Oh, could ya please be praying for me???? I'm having some personal issues. Thanks. :D Much appreciated.