Friday, December 10, 2010

What Exactly *IS* a Friend????

So I've been thinking about this for awhile. What exactly IS a friend?????
A few people have been hurt by things said from a 'friend'... if a 'friend' said something about you behind your back, I don't think that that 'friend' IS a friend you should have. (Sadly I have had an experience like this, but I tried to stay there friend as long as possible) A friend, to me, is someone that will love you ALWAYS!!!! Nothing hinders that friendship. Nothing you do or say will break this friendship. I'm not naming any names, but I have a few friends that don't do/believe the SAME EXACT thing as I do, but you know what???? I LOVE them and they LOVE me! Truth is... I don't know where I'd be without them. To keep me happy or sane. :P One friend uses a different Bible than I.... that doesn't stop us from being the bestest of friends. If a friend says something you don't normally say.... does that really hinder you from talking to them or being friends with them???? We all have faults. We all have our downfalls. NONE of us are perfect! The ONLY perfect One is God. If 'friends' stop talking to you because you listen to Country or something else, then let them go. They're obviously not the friend to have if they leave because you do something. People's opinions don't really matter. Yes, they are nice to have... as OPINIONS. No one has any right to tell you what to do or what to wear (well, except your elders/parents :P). It took me a long time to realize that. I was so worried that someone will find a horrible fault in me and stop being my friend. Well, my closest friends know alot of things I do wrong and they still love me for who I am. They help me see that I've done something wrong and try to help me through it. I guess what I'm really trying to get at is... If a friend doesn't talk to or see you because you did soemthing wrong, that ain't a friend to have.
The same thing goes for you. If you have a friend that is of a different religion, is that really something to hinder you from talking to them. If you don't talk to them, how will they ever know about God in you?? When they do accept Christ, will they look back and think of you leaving them and see God in you the way you left them b/c they weren't a Christian??? I have friends that are of different religions but I LOVE them to death!!
Anyway, this is what I've been thinking about alot and I hope I actually helped some of you understand what a real friend is. Hold those friends dear to you and never let them go.

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