Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Pictures :D

Howdy!! :) Yesterday we went to get our REAL Christmas tree :D:D:D Great day!!! :) the pics are in backwards order but at least you get to see them. We had alot of fun and enjoyed it immensely!!!! :D Enjoy!

Decorating the tree

Me and one of my ornaments :D

Daddy and Mama decorating

I LOVE this picture!!! :D My heart is in TX, my heart is not here... :D

Taz helped... as you can see ;)

The tree after dad and I put the lights and garland on. Mama was unpacking ornaments and Josh was having a wonderful time zapping his fingers with the lights :P ;) We all couldn't help but laugh :P

Putting the tree on the trailer. The kind gentleman asked if we'd like a ride... better than walking ALL the way back. :D

I got in there AFTER they cut it so I was just posing with it. The tree wanted to fall though :P Josh picked and cut the tree down

Mama, Daddy, and Josh taking care of the tree.

'Let's go this way.' 'No, let's go this way.' :P That's what I heard almost ALL afternoon.... including 'How bout this one?' :P

See... I WAS there :P

Mama and Josh

:D Came out pretty good, ehh??

Daddy and Mama

a.... TREE!!!!!! Imagine that.... in a TREE FARM!! NO WAY :P ;)

Pretty good if I may say so myself :P

A Charlie Brown tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Me and some perty horses :D:D

I like this one too :D:D:D Came out well... even with all those bumps on the road.

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