Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

So, we all woke up this morning to snow (as I told ya)!!!!!!!!! We were all pretty happy!!! Soooooo.... here's a couple pics for proof. :P We all had fun. but unfortunately, no one wanted to have snowball fights or build a snowman with me, so... :-/ maybe the next week or so. Anyway, here's the pics!! :D

My loving parents decided to buy me and Josh some snow shovels...... how loving they are! :P I soon hated the job lol. Here's Josh with his shovel (dad took this pic). The person you see backing up in the garage is our new neighbor. Ever heard of the song "It's A Small World"??? Well, this guy happens to be my dad's work partner...... isn't that awesome?!?!?!?!?!?!?! lol. We actually know somebody in the neighborhood. :D:D:D

Me working hard! lol.. actually this part was the easy part (I loved watching the snow crumble as I pushed it). When I started to help Josh in the driveway was when I started to hate it.... HARD work, but I made it lol!!

That's slightly ironic!!! TX doesn't usually get snow and this is a TX edition truck (with Michigan license plates in Illinois! lol). I love this picture along with another as you'll see in a minute.

Me taking a picture in Dad's truck's mirror. My hair was really snowed on! lol

Ahhh... here's my other fav picture!!!! I just love how it's focused!!! :D:D:D

The snow tiger :P Albert in the snow.... he was scared of it!!!! haha I had to hold him down b/c he was liable to jump down.

Callee in the snow! She loved the snow... until she went in it :P Al and her loved to watch it fall (and, boy did it fall!!)



These kittens (plus Ed) made.................

............................these prints on the table. lol

That's how much the snow started out with.... later in the day it was about 3-5 inches!

I love that pine!

Which is why I took two pics of it. You can kinda see it snowing. :) Hope ya enjoyed it! :D:D:D


Anonymous said...

Yay yay!! Isn't snow great?? Wait, is this your FIRST snow??? LOL! =) Enjoy!

Sharon said...

And you're wearing a T-SHIRT and a jacket! haha I do the SAME thing, snow or no snow! :)

Brooke said...

Sarah, Yes, our first snow. It was exciting to watch it fall.
Sharon, We're AWESOME that way!!!! I'm ALWAYS freezing so I usually wear soemthing like that :D

Hannah said...

Wow! We got our first snow too, but not nearly as much as you...