Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to Normal....

Soo.... Christmas is over with. :-/ It snowed on Christmas too!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D the day after (yesterday) we got like 1 foot. If you're thinking "Man, wish we could get one foot." STOP!!!!! It's a pain to shovel lol. On second thought.... Y'all can have it. :P ;) jk Anyway..... How was y'all's Christmas??? Visit family??? Whadya get??? Enjoy a break from school?? I know I did! lol. :D On Thursday we're heading to Big Rapids {Dad's old hometown} to see my Grandma H. then we'll head to Ludington/Scotville and visit with Grandma and Grandpa D. :D Can't wait!!! :) Oh, my cousin, Sara, gave birth to little Faith AnnMarie on December 25th at 11:09 PM (MI time, so it would've been 10:09 PM Central time). She's super cute and she was 8 lbs and 1 oz. Can't wait to see her!!!!!! I know we all are happy for her.
Anyway.... I'm sitting in my room, blogging (duh lol), loving the cool breeze that's taking ALL the stinkin' heat outta my room (now, don't get me wrong... I LOVE the heat, but my room was BURNING!), my arm hurts super bad from shoveling yesterday, and I'm listening to Celtic Thunder's "Working Man" by George Donaldson. :) Kinda like the song. Ooh... just changed to "Every Breath You Take" by Ryan Kelly. This song is okay... I like the next better, "Belfast Polka/Pennsylvania Railroad"~instrumental. It's on my playlist, feel free to listen. :) *sigh* I LOVE music.. I think I'd die without it. lol. :) Music is my weakness.... there told ya what my weakness was. :P
Can you believe 2010 is almost over with???????? I'm soooo happy!!!!!!! This year has been bittersweet. I'll put a 2010 review on here later, but lets just say that a couple highlights were: Sadie being put to sleep, meeting my sweet Sissy, moving to the frigid north, leaving all my wonderful friends/"family", and meeting a few new people at the church we're visiting, Bethel Baptist Church. That church is big and the people are super friendly. :) Okay.... I'm gonna stop rambling and do something... Idk what. Haha! Okay... I guess I could finish my Spanish homework before I forget about it. :P Alrighty... I'll post more later. I think I've changed everything back to the way I liked it before Christmas. Whadya think???? Talk later. Love y'all!!!

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