Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 Days!!!!!!!!

So, it's 24 days til Christmas and I thought it an awesome idea to post a Christmas song for each day. That'll keep me posting. :D:D:D I'm going to start off with "Born on Christmas Day" written by Brad Paisley. You can listen to my playlist to hear it. :) Enjoy!!

It was a cold and dark December night
But a star still lit the sky
Away in a manger you heard a baby cry
It was the cry of the Son of God
A little baby boy
Born in that manger to bring the world joy

So hush up little baby
You know not what You'll do (which i disagree on)
You'll bring the world peace and love
And teach them while You do.
You have nothing to fear because You know
God is with You all the way.
That little important Baby
Born on Christmas day.

Many people soon gathered round that tiny run down barn,
They knew not of what they saw
Then came three all dressed in fancy robes, silks and furs
This was the first indication of the importance of His birth.


We expected a soldier to save us from our plight
All dressed in shiny armor, ready for a fight
But instead He sent a little baby boy
All filled with love happiness
To bring the world joy


That little important baby
Born on Christmas day

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