Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Happenings.....

Howdy there!!! :) So... tonight my family and I are going to Bethel and at 7 Josh and I will join the youth group for a ALL-nighter. :D I'm gonna be soooo tired. :P But it should be fun, they plan on going to lazer tag and playing a couple of other games..... ALLLLLL night. :) YAYAY!! Anyway, tomorrow we'll also head to MI where there is no signal for internet so I'm doing this post right now. We'll be in MI over the weekend. :) Sooooo.... on with the post....
In January we said good bye to our sweetest dog, Sadie. The pain is still there even though it's almost been a year come January 11th. :( I miss her so very much. For those of you who weren't around my blog at that time, Sadie was a golden retriever and she was the sweetest dog imaginable. :') She loved cats and kids.... Loved us with all her heart and LOVED Michigan and snow. :) I miss that dog. I think that was one major event in January that none of us will ever forget.
I don't remember anything important to report that happened in February. :-/ Valentines Day :P :)
March-- my bro finished his BCT at Ft. Sill. We also welcomed Fluf (yes, that's how you spell her name) into our home.... little did we know that she was a month away of giving birth.....
April.... Albert Einstein (Al or Einy), Calico (Callee), and Lucky the third (who wasn't very lucky.... lol... kind of a family joke. I'll tell you bout that some other time) were born on the 11th. :D The 12th was when Lucky passed on. But Cal and Al are still with us and are soooo adorable. I can't imagine what our life's would be without those two -demons- I mean, cats. :P
In May I finished 9th grade forever and I also made my FIRST phone call to Sweet Sissy (Bekah). :) That was actually the day after my grandparents 50th anniversary. :) My family surprised them by coming up. :D
I can't remember anything interesting happening in June. Well, other than the fact of getting close to leaving my home. :-/
A lot of awesome things happened in July. :) On July 2nd my family drove to Dallas for the wedding rehearsal. I also got my first manicure and pedicure. :) The next day was the big day!!! :) My bro, Nathan, tied the knot with Tracy. :) A few days later, I was able to meet my sisters. :D Bekah (Sissy), Kryssy, and Laurie. :) We had a blast in that hour and a half. :) Miss y'all and I really hope to see you in June, Bek. <3 Near the end of the month, the packers came and packed up all our goods and then a few days later they shipped 'em up here. :'( I was able to spend my last few days in TX with my friends/"family". I miss you and love you sooooo much, Kris, Hannah, Charity, Sarah {Lido}, Daniel, Issy, William, Mr. and Mrs. Strickland, Mr. and Mrs. Hallman, Seth, Caleb, Adam, Isaiah, Micah, and Benny (I think I got all you Hallman kids. :P). Thanks for the help cleaning and providing some sweet memories the last three days, Daniel, Hannah, and Krista. Love you all.
On August 1st my family moved out. After saying our last good byes we hit the road heading to Illinois. :'( We spent the rest of the month un-packing and getting settled in.
In September we started our search for a church home. I think Tracy joined Nathan in Germany in this month also... I don't remember.
In October we started going to Bethel Baptist Church and have been going since. Someone also had a birthday in October. :P
Nothing very important really happened in November, except Thanksgiving. :)
Now we're in December and we're finishing up the 2010 year. This month has been super cold and we actually got to have a white Christmas. :)
Well... as y'all read, this year has been very eventful and quite bittersweet. Thanks for the prayers over the months as I have hit many difficulties and sad times. I don't know where I'd be without you all as my friends. I love you all and really mean it!!!! :) I hope y'all have a great New Year... I know I will try to make it a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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{Far From Perfect} said...

Sounds like a really great year... yup... you aren't alone about struggles! Isn't it so great that God brought us other people that understand? Thank you for your posts!! Hope you have a truly wonderful year!