Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Only Bad Thing about Winter..........

the cold!!!! which brings colds. *sneezes loudly* Unfortunately, I was the first in my family to get the cold. :( no fun. I keep sneezing which makes my eyes water and my nose run. Then my throat is VERY sore along with a sick stomach. X-( I hate colds. Anyone want it?? i'll be happy to pass it along :P jk
Anyway, onto more brighter subjects..... I thought I'd tell y'all my stats of my blog. (I saw this on another girl's blog and thought that it was a creative post.. :D)

I have had a total of: 2,705 page views!!!! Ain't that awesome?!?!?!
My post back in April has had the most views of 198. (Specific post would be "A Quick post" on April 21st)
People using the words "mrs. achuff and texas" has brought them to my blog..... interesting. hmm... very interesting. :P Also using: brooketexasgirl, blogspot brooketexasgirk (yeah with a 'k'), brooke hamelund, debi mclamb pensacola, and kensley rush (a friend)
Internet Explorer has been used the most to look at my blog.... the percentage is 77% (2,080 times) Firefox coming in second with 11% (306 times) Other winners would be: Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape, NetFront, OneRiot, Flock, and Java.
People have looked at my blog from:
United States (1,725), United Kingdom (171), Germany (159), Netherlands (145), Russia (119), Brazil (44), Luxembourg (28), Switzerland (25), China (24), and Poland (23) Wow!!! thanks for looking y'all. I'd LOVE to meet y'all so please leave a comment :D:D:D
Operating Systems 1st winner goes to:
*drum roll*
WINDOWS!!!! at 94% (2,563 times) WOW!!! That's awesome. :D Macintosh coming in second with 2% (62). Other winners include: iPad, Other Unix, Linux, BlackBerry, SonyEricsson (I think that's Bek.. we have the same type of phone! :D), Nintendo Wii (interesting), Nokia, and iPhone. That's awesome. :D They all came in with 1%
Right at the moment, 2 of my blog pages are being looked at: "A Couple of New Things" and "The 2009 New year!" That's cool!! Leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you! :D


{Far From Perfect} said...

Oh not any fun :( but feel better!!

Brooke said...

Thanks! much appreciated. :)

Sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Brooke said...

Sharon, thanks!!! :D