Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Update :D

Hey y'all!!!! Wow! I haven't done a "real" post in FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, to start things off.... we're adjusting to the Illinois life pretty good. I still miss TX ALOT!!!!!!! Of course. haha, I mean, that's the only home I've known! Some of you don't know why, so I'm gonna tell you. :P My family moved from Germany in '98 to Texas. I was going on three and we've lived there ever since! My dad is in the Army, as you all know, so we got reassigned to Great Lakes, which is where we are living. Anyway, that's the 'story' behind that.... well, at least a summary of it. :P But anywho, enough of that.... lets see. I'm doing okay in school. I've already found out that i HATE Algebra 2. BLAH!!! :( Nooooo fun whatsoever! Spanish is okay.. I enjoy it!! :D The other classes are okay. History is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 History!! Especially learning about Europe!!!!!!!! :D I <3 Europe!! :D Anyway.... Nothing interesting is happening in my life, well, other then my bday coming up ;) :D K, I should go... Sorry I didn't make this post SUPER long, but I tried!! hahaha :D:D:D:D:D Love y'all!!!! <3 Byeeeeeeee


Hannah said...

Hey Girl!! How do you like learning Spanish from a southerner? :P It would be really hard if this was my first time taking Spanish 1!!

Miss you girlie!

Brooke said...

I <3 taking Spanish!! I mean, I'm kinda used to the language. LOTS of people spoke Spanish in TX :D

Brooke said...

miss you too!!!!!! Maybe we can get together sometime soon :D