Friday, October 22, 2010

Hmmmm... what to post about....

I'm not quite certain. Lets see..... Next week there's a birthday in my family. ;) I wonder who........... hmmm.... :P It's not coming.
Anyway, more updates..... My friend, Fay, and I are getting nicknames. her name is Faith Brasier and mine is Brooke Hamelund (of course). Her new name is Tibby Fay and I think I'll go with Rusty Bee. haha! Anyway, for the name "Tibby Fay".... long story short, Fe in Spanish is Faith, so I just spelt it the way you pronounce it. :) As for Tibby, that's kind of a friend secret. Now for my name, "Rusty Bee" (I still have to verify with her if that's good)..... I've been reading a book called "Promise Me Tomorrow" by Lori Wick and the character in the book is named Katherine Taggart, but everyone calls her Rusty. She and I have alot in common.. red hair, love for children... etc. Now Bee is short for Brooke and that's also a friend secret. :) So, please tell me what ya think of our names, Tibby Fay and Rusty Bee. :D Lets see..... what else is new..... not much :-/ Soooo... I guess I'll stop writing about nothing in particular. haha.... adios for now!!!
Love & Smiles,


Anonymous said...

I like the names! =) Haha

Brooke said...

Haha. good :D:D:D