Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on my disoriented life :P (and pics of the house)

Howdy y'all!!! How have y'all been??? I know, it's been forever!!!!!! Sorry, major busy! :D Well, i started 10th grade and I already do not like Algebra 2. :( Although, I did get a pretty good score on my first test. =D Anyway, we're are almost all settled, the only thing left is a good church. :) We've seen some really good churches but we're still browsing. =) Anyway, here's some pics of our house..... yeah they're backwards. Sorry. :-/ Oh, also.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!! I know, it's 2 days late, but Happy birthday and love ya a whole bunch!!!!!! <3

My left side of my closet. :D:D I LOVE my closet!!

The other side of my closet.... SHOES!!!!!! :D

Again.. my closet. :D

The opening of my closet

The door to the closet

My awesome saucer chair! :D

View of my room by my bed (my purty guitar! <3)>
My girly bed! Yeah, it's a canope but I didn't want it on at the time.

By my closet door. Eddie is on the floor

View from my doorway

Going into my room

Josh's room


Our school rooom. The tv that you can see clearly (straight ahead) is Josh's school area. The sideways one is mine

Biology :(

I LOVE Mrs. Hicks's face!!! (I also love Mrs. Hicks!!!!!!)

View from the doorway

Hallway. My room is on the left, Josh's on the right, way back there, and school room on the right (first door)

Hallway by the laundry room. The stairs are right underneath that railing. Parent's door is right there

Our kids's bathroom.... awesome shower curtain, huh?? I picked it :D

Washer and dryer

Laundry closet

Laundry closet and bathroom

Stairway. Dad's Cav pics are hanging on the wall

Eddie and our fireplace


Garage door (right), pantry, and fridge


More of our backyard and dad's new grill... TX edition!

Our 'massive' backyard


Part of the living room

Living room

desk area

Living room

Living room. Callie's on the floor


Beginning of stairs

Downstairs 1/2 bathroom

Living room view from front door

Outside veiw of the house. There's our garage

Outside veiw of the right side

Front of the house

Front of the house. The window by the slant is our school room window

And that's that. :D


Covey Family said...

WOW I love your house! It's soo pretty!
lol, just a random fact that I know you are dying to know :) I use to have a cat named Callie to!! Actually it's real name was Brocolli, but we called her Callie. Aren't you just overjoyed to know that :):)!!!!!!
Have a good school year!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! =) I enjoyed the tour of your new house! =)

Brooke said...

Sarah C,
Thanks... Yes, I was really wondering that, thanks :P That is so cool though. Our cat is actualy Calico (Callie). :D:D:D
Sarah G,
Thanks :D:D:D

Hannah said...

Hey! Are you doing the A Bekah Academy this year? Do you have Mr. Ashworth for Algebra 2? I love it! :P At least all the rev. so far.

Miss you!

Brooke said...

yep, that's the curriculem we're using.
I don't really care for Mr. Ashworth. :( I wish I had Mrs. howe instead. Oh well. I know this may sound weird (and I'm SUPER tired) but what does 'rev.' mean? Sorry. Anyway, miss ya too!! Hope to see you sometime soon. :D

Hannah said...

I meant review. Sorry I was in a hurry! :P

Brooke said...

Oh, k. :D 's okay. :)