Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Shoot Teaser :P

Howdy!!! Since we're a little bit more settled in, I think I can find time to post my photo shoot pics :D Before we left TX, I gave Hannah, Charity, and Krista all a photo shoot. :) They were all awesome posers!! :D I had a blast fooling around with the poses and taking pics of the most gorgeous people in the whole wide world!!! (Yep, you heard me Krista, you're gorgeous :D) Just so y'all know, I don't have any real sisters, so if I refer to them as my sisters I mean that they're my best friends and they're like my sisters. :D Anyway, I'm gonna post them all in separate posts on my Remembrance Fotos blog later, so go HERE :D Hope you enjoy them, so here's you're teaser of them all.

My gorgeous 'twin' :D

Ain't she purty???? You are, Krista <3 =)

My other gorgeous lil 'sister' :D Miss ya Hannah and you ARE gorgeous also :D

Now, she isn't gorgeous.... she's CUTE!!!! :D Miss ya lil girl. <3

She's such a awesome lil 'sis'!!

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