Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tomorrow's the Anniversary!

Hey y'all! Wow! It's almost been a year! (well tomorrow, but I got a exams the rest of the week, so I should be concentrating about that! :) ) Y'all are probably wondering.... a year about what? :) Well, it's been about a year since I got this blog! :) It was a few weeks after Nathan graduated from High School. I can't believe it's been a year since Nathan graduated or since we met our teachers OR since we were in Pensacola!!!!! Haha I miss Pensacola and I wish we were there again! The day we left we ate lunch right across from the school and dad asked me, "So did you ever think you'd be eating lunch right across the road from you're school?" Haha I hope we will be going back there in 2013! ;) MY graduation! haha Speaking of Dad, will y'all please be in prayer? He's at ANCOC right now and just pray for safety as he travels around over there and of course that he'll pass his schooling! :) Thanks! Oh, ANCOC stands for--Advanced Non-commissioned officer's course. ;) Just letting y'all know. =D Please also pray fro Josh and I as we finish up the school year probably on Saturday....exams. :( No fun! Please pray that we will pass. Thanks! Well, I gotta go! I'll post more kitten pics later! ;)


Covey Family said...

Happy Blogiversary!!
I LOVE your new design!! And, good luck on your exams, or God be with you, or something like that, b/c there is no such thing as luck. lol ;D


Brooke said...

Thank you! I agree with the "no luck" thing, but I understand! :) Thanks for the comment!