Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update On My Life!! =D

Hey y'all!!!! I have a little bit of time on here, so I'm going to update y'all!!! Starting with last week....well, Sunday. If y'all haven't heard from me personally or from Buzz, well, our "un-pregnant cat had kittens". Yeah.....lets start at the beginning, like a few months ago (February) we took our cat Fluff in. Well, the vet said that she wasn't pregnant.....HA! Sunday, we came home to find Fluff outside. I leave out the details, but I thought that I'd have to brush out the "mud" which wasn't mud (It was wet here on Sunday). She isn't allowed out, but she got dad angry at her, so he threw her out. I picked her up and out her in my room. Maybe a few minutes later, I went back in there and I called her (When I put her in there, she darted underneath the bed). She came out, meowed at me, and then she went right back under. I was curious about why she was acting this way. I moved a few things and then I heard....................meow meow meow, but not HER meows. I started saying, "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!!! JOSH!!!!" I got up, ran to my parents bedroom, and knocked, my mom said "what?" and then I said "FLUFF HAD KITTENS!!!!!!" She came out and followed me and looked underneath the bed. There were two at the time. After we ate our dinner, I was giving Fluff some scrap chicken, and she was about to eat it, but she growled and turned around.....there was the third kitten.....stuck! I ran out to the living room and asked someone for help, mom had her hands full. She said that I'd need to pull it out. UGH!!!! Fluff was squirming and everything...thankfully dad came in and helped hold her. I pulled out the third kitten. All three were born on April 11, 2010.........The third kitten, Lucky the third, died on April 12, 2010. :'( Okay, you've got to understand the "Lucky" name.....we've had two other animals, a bunny and a bird, named Lucky that died. So I named this one Lucky. The kittens are very cute, and yes, pictures are coming. :) One of them is a Calico and the other is a grey tabby. Lucky was a orange and white, just like his papa, Muff......we now know that he was the father. Fluff is dark kind of grey, and she's part Calico. She also has tabby markings and so does Muff. They all are cute!!!!! Gotta go!!!


Sara said...

That is so awesome! I feel bad for lucky, but at least the other two survived! I can't waith for the pictures!

Brooke said...

Hey Sara! Thanks for the comment! I'll update them soon!!