Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Quick Post!

As y'all know, and if you can't notice.....I have been rearranging by blogs...even the other two. ;) Along with rearranging I actually posted on those two!!!! I know...amazing! :) Anyway, I really liked these new back drops, I think they were really pretty!!! Please tell me what you think, I'd like to know. :) Anyway...... like I said, this was short! Oh! Almost forgot! a dear friend and I have been writing songs together, please pray for me though....I'm stuck (hehe, I volunteered) with figuring out the notes on piano! :) I really need help in prayer. Thanks! I'll tell y'all the names of the ones we've done together..... "Ambassadors for Christ" (originated by me), "He Spoke A Word" (another one that the Lord put in me), "The Lord Is There" (yet another), and "Today Could Be the Day" (from Bekah). The Lord has truly blessed us with having the right words in our heads...all glory will go to Him! Well, I'll give you the lyrics later! Bye!

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