Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I know..I haven't posted!

Hey y'all!!! I'm soo sorry for not posting in awhile!!!! Alot has been going on, but now it's going down. Let's see...we'll start with last Monday..the last GNC club!! :( But, hey, it was great! Another of my kids, Sharlene, got saved, again I ask that you'll be praying for these three now (if there are still people reading my blog =D ). Their names are Skye, Connor, and Sharlene. Thanks for your prayers already! Not alot happened in the last week, and if there was I would have probably forgot! :) Anyway, yesterday as I checked the mail I got a reply from Melissa Gilbert..many people are probably thinking.... who in the world is that??? Well, she plays Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House on the Prairie. YES! I know, now y'all know who that is. Well, now that I have told you that, I'll explain....a couple months ago I started a "mission" thingy. I have decided to write to actresses that I kinda like and would like to see them get saved. So I write them and enclose a track from our church. Hopefully they'll read it, so I ask you to please pray for them to read it and for me to write the right things. I think this is what the Lord has told me to do in my heart, so I'm going to be doing it. Well, that's about it. PLEASE PRAY! Thank you so much!


Covey Family said...

Yahhh!! You're back!!!
That's cool what you've been doing with the actresses =D. I'll be praying.


Brooke said...

Thank you sooo much for the prayer, Sarah!!! Yes, I hope I'll be posting more, I don't know. :)

Sharon said...

Hey that is SO cool you heard from Melissa Gilbert! How awesome!! Hope you can share the good news with her and others!

Brooke said...

There's your comment!! For some reason I couldn't see it before!! Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope and pray that the Lord will make Melissa Glibert pick up the track and read it!