Thursday, March 25, 2010

Long time No.....Post?? =D

Hey! It's been awhile, huh? Well, this is going to be a probably short post, I don't know, we'll see! Well, anyway....on Monday for our Good News Club, I led two of my kids (in my group) to God!!! I am soo excited...still!!! But please pray for the two kids...Skye and Connor, as they just got saved, and pray that they will understand Him better and that they truly meant it! I am SOOO excited. Also pray for the other two kids, Launa and Sharlene. Launa says that she doesn't want to get saved and Sharlene really wasn't listening to me when I asked if anyone wanted to get saved. Please pray for all four! Next Monday (this coming Monday) is our last GNC, so please pray that some more kids will come to know Him! Well, I guess that's all, Bye!

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