Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Day/Graduation Pics

Here they are! Pics from our "Week-end". It was great to see Nathan! I think we all had a great time. Anyway on the first night..when we just got there, Nathan kept calling dad. Well, dad was driving and we were trying to have a "recon"...where we'd need to go the next day. So we finally got on Ft. Sill, and Nathan talked to dad again. Nathan led us to his barracks (what they called a "star ship" which looked NOTHING like a star ship!). After a few minutes of talking...Nathan said to "hang on, I'll come down." We weren't supposed to see him. He said that he just HAD to take some mail out... wink wink!!! We were right by the mailbox, well on the opposite side of the road, but we were fairly close. We drove up near the mailbox, and Nathan looked under his arm and saw us and straightened up (Dad out ranks him and Nate just wanted to do that). Dad asked Nathan, "Hey Private, can you give me directions?" And Nate replied, "Directions to where, Sergeant?" It was really funny and very neat to see Nathan before we were supposed to see him!!! Only mom, dad, and I saw him. Josh and William stayed at the hotel. It was great!! The pictures are all if you want you can start at the bottom. Sorry! Well gotta go! Bye!

We made Nathan laugh here...look below, that's what he looked like at first.

American Soldier

The sign at Ft. Sill.

William and Nathan

Dad and Nathan

The Family...HamFam6....left to right: Nathan and Tracy, Josh, Me, Mom, and Dad.

Nathan and Tracy

Dad and Nathan at the sign

The Soldiers

Tracy's siblings: Ethan and Nikki

Nathan and his buddys

The Echo Battery: Echo Eagles...Nathan is the one right above the bald headed dud in the pic


The stadium they Graduated on

Right after I flashed him with the camera...He looks mad!

His group
Nathan and Tracy

The Treadwell looks like a big kid playground...Nathan said that it was! :)

Me and Nathan...Check out my cool shirt!
Mom and Nathan....check out mom's cool shirt....I made them, aren't they cool???
Mom and Nathan

Sorry it's sideways, on my computer it's not...weird! Anyway, This was right before Ethan (Back) Jumped on Nathan for a hug! It was funny!

Hugging his ladys

Dad got the first hug! Mom and Tracy were a little upset, no, I'm just kidding! Dad's teasing mom about it almost all the time!! Hehe

Before they broke for Family Day...his platoon was the last to come out!

Echo Eagles! Nathan walked right by us (we made him smile) and he threw mom his book bag! Haha

Echo Battery

His platoon

Again....Nathan's group is the far right....the one that I'm not zoomed up on....not the middle

Echo Battery

His group...he's in the wasy back the tallest head in the back

Me and Mom with our cool shirts


Covey Family said...

Looks like you all had a great weekend, I really like your shirts!! I've tried to find something like that, but I can never find it at the right price, at the right time. And I can't sew, even if my life depended on it. ;-)


Brooke said...

A friend of ours printed them, they are iron ons. You can try it by using Print Master.

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Lakota said...

cool! awesome picts! thanks for posting! I enjoyed looking at them!

Brooke said...

Covey Fam,

Anonymous said...

What a special day! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

Brooke said...

Your Welcome Becca!