Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Hey y'all! This is my new idea...lets see if I can keep it!! :) To start off the Thoughtful Thursday this is what I want y'all to do... Go to someone's blog (example: someone who doesn't have a lot of followers, someone who rarely gets comments, soemone who just started a blog, someone that is your friend and you want to encourage them today, or someone's blog that you enjoy looking at, but aren't following) and leave a ENCOURAGING comment, it can be anybody's blog. Also, if you are not following it, maybe start following it. I don't care what y'all do, but keep it encouraging, I know I love to get encouraging comments. :) Hehe The minimum that I want you to do is two people, you can do more if you want! Hope y'all like this better than the poetry. :) Now, get started! :) Haha


Covey Family said...

HAHA, Can I comment on your blog???

I love your blog!!! It has been such an encouragement!!! Thanks for following me!


Brooke said...

Thanks and welcome!! :) I'm glad my blog is an encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke!
I really really miss you girl! Love Ya!


Brooke said...

Great to hear from you!! Are y'all still in vacation? I know silly question. :) Also, how are y'all holding up?

Anonymous said...

We are doing pretty well. We have our trying times though. :P Anyone would though!
No we aren't on vacations still(I wish!) ;P

Brooke said...

Great to hear from you again. We're still praying for you, and that's true, everyone would have trying times!