Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow pics!!!

Hey y'all!!! I am only posting the first part of these, the next aren't so much. Hehe. We had alot of fun with the snow even though it lasted for one day, but oh well!! Here they are!

A bunch of snowflakes, but they were falling like this!! No kidding!

A box of snow I'm sending y'all!! Haha

I'm holding alot of snow, no just kidding they were on a branch on a bush outside.

Snow curl

Our snow bear! Ain't it cute??? It's very dirty!

Nate's car before it'll see snow in VA. Haha

Our snow bear!

Working on it
Josh working on it

Our Ash tree with snow on it

My "memorial" for Shadow, Hook, and Sadie. Sadie would have loved the snow!! :(

Eddie's first time in snow

Our smooth backyard...........before Josh made the bear Sorry it's sideways, but our tree again

Our porch

Our front yard

Nate's car

More snow

Back of dad's truck

This is a remake of a picture takin in like '06 or '07.

My snow angel...I think. Mom did one too

Our snow angels
Josh and his bear

The bear was leaning over and it looked like he wanted a hug, so.....

Our basketball hoop

That's alot of snow, this is a box that was on our back porch, almost covered!
It looked so smooth

Before heading over to the "memorial"


Covey Family said...

lol, you don't get alot of snow down there do you?? You should move to MI, then you'd see alot of snow!!!! =D


Sharon said...

Aww, I love the one of you hugging the bear! ;) I would've probably done the same thing! Looks like you had fun!

Brooke said...

We do visit Michigan, but not alot in the winter, soo.... And I guess it's a good thing we're moving to Wisconsin or Illinois. Like I said to someone else, liviing in Texas, you get to see snow.....every 10 years!!!!!!! Haha, jk
We had lots of fun, and I like the bear one too :)