Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Know!!!! I Know!!!!

Howdy y'all I know! I totally missed Poetry Wednesday, I have been a bit busy! Lets see, updates: We got letters from Nathan on Monday, very encouraging! We also started GNC (for the new comers here: GNC is Good News Club) on Monday. I took over Issy's class since there were only THREE kids!!!! She decided that I was capable of three kids, and I am. Tuesday: I can't think of anything that we did that was long on there, a day of break! Wednesday: Well, of course we did school, mom and I watched a good movie afterward (that is like a exception to our rule: no movies on the weekdays, which is good, keeps us focused on our school), and then we had church. Now Thursday: I can only be on here for a little because, we just got back from gym, I have to study my presentation that's due tomorrow, I have to read a lot of my book "Amy Carmichael of Dohnauver", and I also have to do other stuff. Very busy! Well anyway, I'll post yesterday's poem right now. Oh the reason that I may not be able to put the tag on here, Sarah, is because our computer is being difficult, we have a new Internet thingy. Sorry! I'll try it when I have more time!

"God Is at the Anvil"
Lew Sarett
"God is at the anvil, beating out the sun;
Where the molten metal spills,
At his forge among the hills,
He has hammered out the glory of a day that's done.
God is at the anvil, welding golden bars:
In the scarlett streaming flame
He is fashioning a frame
For the shimmering silver beauty of the evening stars."


Anonymous said...

Great poem! I studied that one in literature.

I like the picture of you in the kitchen at the top of your blog here. Is that your kitchen? It looks newly painted.

Sarah and Mrs. Covey said...

That's ok, I totally understand (from experience =D)