Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Tip!

Hey y'all!!! Have you ever followed a blog that later on you thought was a very bad mistake?? I don't think I have, well except for two which I'll keep anonymous. Well, here's your help!!! :) The first thing you do is sign into your account, then on the blogger dashboard scroll down to the list of blogs you're following, next hit the "manage" button (that's right beneath the list of blogs), it'll show you the whole list. Next step: when you're on the page, it'll list the blog name and address, then it'll say "Settings", then you hit that. A new window will pop up and then there will be a button saying, "Stop following this site", and you hit that. There ya go! Please tell me if it worked!


Moriah said...

Thanks Brooke! I've always wondered how to do that. :)

Brooke said...

Welcome!! Glad I could help!

Anonymous said...
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