Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poetry Wednesday

Howdy y'all! Ok I decided to do a "Wednesday" theme, and mine will be poems! I won't tell you what they mean to me, because I want y'all to tell me what you think! Also, I would like to make a public announcement saying, I'm sorry to those who commented on my other blog and I didn't publish. I'm sorta new to that, but I figured it out, so I'm terribly sorry!!!!!! Please forgive me???? So this one is:

"The Book Our Mother's Read"
(John Greenleaf Whittier)
"We search the world for truth; we cull*
The good, the pure, the beautiful,
From graven stone and written scroll,
And all old flower-fields of the soul;
And, weary seekers of the best,
We come back laden from our quest,
To find that all the sages said
Is in the Book our mothers read."
*cull-to select or gather


Rebekah said...

Is that a beautiful poem or what? One of my definite favorites!!

Oh, and sorry about when we were chatting and I went offline without saying anything -- my computer froze up and I had to reboot it...and by the time I got back on you were gone :( Talk to you later then!! :)

P.S. What a lovely pink kitchen!!

Brooke said...

It's a great poem!! I like that one, too. Don't worry about the chat thing, it's ok. I had to go to bed anyways! :) Yes, the kitchen is very pretty!! Except it is not ours. When we went to PCA last May (2009, for Nate's graduation) we took a tour through the PCA (Pensacola Christian Academy..the place we get our videos for school) building and took quite a few pictures in the Home Economics room, and everywhere else, too. I usually don't care for pink, but that color is very pretty...I like light pinks or soft pinks!