Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Created An Award!!!!!!

Howdy!!! Since there are not alot of photographer awards out there, I decided to make one!!! The picture is one of the pics I took at the River case you haven't seen my Photography blog! Well, here are the rules (oh, and also, since I made it, I awarded myself, Hope y'all don't mind!):

1. Thank the person who awarded you
2. Tell us what kind of camera you have and use
3. Answer the questions
4. Award and link 3 or more "future" photographers and tell them on a comment


1. What's your favorite part about photography?
2. How many cameras have you had?
3. Do you do more of nature pics or people pics?
4. Which of the two above are your favorite kinds of taking?
5. Which photography company do you like the most (example: Olan Mills)?
6. When did you start wanting to be a photographer?
7. Have you already thought up your "future" companies name?

I award:
1. Emily Joy
2. Hannah
3. Sharon


Emily Joy said...

Thanks SO MUCH for awarding me!!!

Brooke said...

Your welcome!!