Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stockings!!!! Hehe

Howdy y'all!!! For one, yes, I changed my title to "A Life For Christ" because it is one of my favorite songs ever!!!! And for are the pics of the stockings, since we don't have a fireplace (Reminder: we live in Texas! Haha), so we hang the stockings in the hallway. My mom HAND-STITCHED all of our stockings! She is really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also put all of our initials in them, so be looking for: DKH, BIH, NSH, JEH, and BAH....or just the first and last initials. Also, there might be some Santas in them, we do not believe in Santa!!!!!!! Well, gotta go!! Hope you enjoy!





Mine (Brooke's).........BAH


Neesie said...

Stockings are so fun! :-)

Brooke said...

Hehe!!! Ya, I know!! Hehe ;)

Katarina said...

I love the stockings! My mom made mine one year when she was on bed rest. It was in the same style as y'alls.

I enjoy seeing it and knowing that she took the time to make it for me rather then just buying one. :D

Brooke said...

Thanks!! Maybe both of our moms used the same pattern, I don't know which one she used!! :) And yes, I love mine, too, I think it's a whole lot better than a store-bought one!! :D