Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sad News!!

Howdy y'all!!! Well, y'all are finally going to here it....I've told almost all of my friends that I am in contact with right now! Anyway....after 11 1/2 years, my dad has finally got a new assignment to North Chicago, Illinois or Wisconsin area. So far we are praying for Wisconsin, and we also need your prayers, too...please!! Even though I have lived here for almost my whole life, I am trying to adjust to this change...I only have 8 months left with my dear friends....including the dearest of them all...Krista!!! :'( Well, anyway that's only half of the sad news! :) Okay, come the 28th, my brother, Nathan, will be heading to Basic Training. Please pray for everything that is happening in our family and for God's will in everything! :) Well, guess I should go! Oh, brother, Nathan, just got a car..........a 2010 blue Camaro!! Bye! TTYL


jc said...

I'll def' be praying for you and your family!!
And exciting about your brother's car, do you get to ride in it? :P


Brooke said...

No, I haven't ridden in it, yet!!! :) Thanks for stopping at my blog! Thank you for your prayers!

Chris in FL said...

Hi Brooke,

Moriah and Tsavah's mom here :)

Sorry to here you have to relocate. I was a Navy kid growing up so I can relate. When I was 13 I moved to North Chicago. My dad was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Base. From what I remember it was somewhat nice. It was definitely a change. I would probably would want to move to Wisconsin as well. I remember when we lived in Illinois, we would visit Wisconsin from time to time. It was nice!

I know the Lord will lead you to the right place. Even though it is sad to leave your town and friends, it is exciting to meet new people. You never know what God has planned for you all.

Bless you!

Brooke said...

Hey!! Do you wnat me to call you Chris?? If so, Chris,
My dad is getting stationed right there, too! Great Lakes Naval Base!! ;) Thank you for the encouraging words!!

Koda said...

oh WOW. what a move! im praying for you

Brooke said...

Thanks, Koda!!!