Monday, December 28, 2009

I GOT A...........

................ CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Howdy y'all!!! Okay so your thinking, that's all she got???? Nope! I got a few other stuff, but this is the main thing! The picture below is a picture I found on the internet, but just imagine it red, a little redder then my name the bottom! It is a gorgeous red!!!! But the picture on here portrays it pretty well!! Anyway, enough rambling here is the pic! I might post my real camera on here, but we'll see. ;) Anyway, I also got a day-by-day (for a whole year) calendar that gives neat info about cats every day, and I also got a new nightgown that came with blue fuzzy socks! They are soooooooo comfortable!!!! I also got a new skirt, some new earrings, a cross-stitched candy jar that my bff made (the cross-stitch, that is)!! I also got two movies: Love Finds a Home and The Christmas Shoes which both I've been really wanting to see!!! I think that is all I got!! I'm not sure! Well, gotta go, we have to pick up my Grandma at the train station. Please be praying for my mom and family! This morning was really rough!! Nathan Scott Hamelund is now on his way to Basic Training after the New Year! Gotta go! Bye!


Sarah and Mrs. Covey said...

schweet!!!! I love photography! Have fun w/ your new camera!!


Rebekah said...

Yeah Brooke,
We got the same thing, I was totally surprised...I didn't think we could afford one this year...But there just happen to be a sale on the one I wanted!!!! So now I have my own camera again!!!!Yay!!!!
Oh I got your letter today, it was sweet~Thanks!

Brooke said...

Thanks for your comment!!! I also LOVE photography!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't worry, I have been having LOTS of fun with it!!! =D
That is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!! I didn't know if I was going to get it either....but I did get it anyway!!! ;) I know....cameras are the best!!!! The Nikon wasn't the one that I wanted, but I really don't care anymore, because I LOVE it!!! Your welcome anout the letter!

Anonymous said...

I got a camera for Christmas too!!! I bought 'Christmas Shoes' with my Christmas giftcard, I love that movie.' Love Finds a Home' I think is the best one of that that series,well that one and the very first one!!!

Brooke said...

Thank you for your comment! ;) I still haven't been able to watch either of the movies, yet! I have been SUPER busy!! I guess this Christmas all of my friends got cameras!!! That is SOOOO weird!

Hannah said...

Awesome! We got the Christmas Shoes for Christmas too!! :P Its great! So is Love Finds a Home!!

Love you girl!!

P.S. Congrats to your Bro.!

Brooke said...

Great to hear from you! I'm hoping to see the movie "The Christmas Shoes" sometime soon!!! :P Well, thanks for the compliment!!

Rebekah said...

I am having a very hard time leaving comments! I have tried several times and none have been going through. Please let me know if this one works! Argh!!!!

Brooke said...

Yes, it worked!!! Yay!!!!! ;)