Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree and Ornaments

Howdy y'all!! Here are some pics of our Christmas tree and ornaments. Most of the pics are my favorite ornaments, so that's why I'm posting them. Also, as a tradition of my mom her sister-in-law and my grandma, they give each other "ugly" ornaments for Christmas. So that's why you will see the pig and a few others. Hope y'all enjoy them!! Gotta go! Bye!

My bear ornament with my name on it, I gave my bff one exactly alike it, but with her name.....of course.

My other bear, with my name and middle name

My parents, aren't they adorable???

Me when I was a baby....Ain't it cute????? :)

My mom's birthstone ornaments....Sapphire :)

My dad's birthstone ornaments.....Peridot (same as Krista's)

South Carolina

Michigan ornaments and South Carolina

The "ugly" pig!! :)

My anchor name ornament

The "BEST" football team......the Lions!!! :) Right Issy???

My dad's Army Bear looks like a drill sergeant :)

My Birthstone ornament.....Opal, Rose Zircon, Tourmaline....etc

The ornament box...Haha, very big!!! :)

Oreo enjoying the Christmas skirt! :)

Josh with the Christmas shirt...Nice, Josh!! ;) Sorry it's crooked :)

Me hanging up the stockings...I'll show the pics later....again, sorry it's crooked!

Josh and mom putting on the lights



Cori said...

I like your blog.
Its really nice.
Its always nice to find another fellow Christian teen girl.
Come by and check out my blog.
And maybe follow too.
Thanks :)

Brooke said...

Thanks!!! I will look at your blog!! It is also encouraging to get comments from people that enjoy my blog!!! Thanks!!!