Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 2009 year! (Blog Post Part 2)

Howdy!! This last year has been a very Fast year! It seems like yesterday that it was marking 2009!!! WOW!!! ;) Anyway, a few big events this year that y'all may like to hear about! ;) Starting in January: My brother, Josh, turned 16, marking a Driver's License!! Then in February: Dad left for BNCOC (pronounced: Benock), the White's (a great family) arrived for a visit! March: Mr. White passed away on the first, dad came back! April: I finished 8th grade!!!! May: We left for Nathan's graduation at PCA in Pensacola, Florida! Met the most wonderful people: my teachers!!!! I started a blog! ;) June: I don't think anything important happened! July: Nathan turned 18 years old! We went to Michigan, and I met one of my dearest and best friends: Hannah!!! Miss ya girl! :) August: Dad's Birthday(Love ya dad!!), Krista's Birthday (the teenage year!!!)! I think Nathan's best friends, Daniel, left for Basic Training(I don't know)! We also found out about Oreo's Diabetes, I also started my Freshman year! September: Mom's 40th birthday!!!!! Love ya mom!!!!!!! Chatity's 4th birthday! Love ya baby girl!! October: Someone's birthday...I can't remeber who though! ;) *winks*! Skating party also! Daniel's Basic Training graduation, Nathan left for that! Novemeber: Thanksgiving, I get my .22 long rifle gun! ;) The Snodderly's and Karpenko's came for a GREAT Mission's Conference! December: Christmas! I get my great camera!!!!! Nathan leaves for Basic Training! :'( And last but not least...........New Years Eve!!!
Happy New Year!!! 2010!!!!!

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