Friday, November 6, 2009

What a Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy y'all!! Seeing as how I live like 15 minutes from Fort Hood, I heard alot about what happened yesterday! It didn't help that I was on post with my mom and brother, Josh! :) Haha! Perfect time to do to PE!! Well, I start off by telling you what happened to me yesterday! We decided not to go to the gym(for PE) that morning cause of Oreo's appointment! Praise the Lord that Oreo's blood sugar is 282! He's out of the "death valley" Haha! Anyway, We decided to go to the gym that afternoon after I finished school. We left here around one something and got to the post(Fort Hood) at two. We still can't figure out why the guards let all of us into the post! Well, anyway, we got to the gym and one of the workers there told us that there was a shooting and at that time there were only 7 dead. We did our workout, but I just hit a mile when all of the workers came into the room where we were and turned all the TVs to the News channel and turned them up for us to hear. I was at 1.68 miles when mom told me to hit cool down and get away from the window(I have to do two miles for PE)! We left the room and went to the lobby there and I asked mom if I could call dad. She gave me the phone and I called him. Little did I know that my dad came home early yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! He got out early up in Indiana. We finally got to our van and, luckily, I brought my homework, or I'll never had finished it!!! I think the Lord put in my mind to bring my homework along! :) We got away from the gym because we thought that the lock-down was finished. A lock-down is when we are not allowed to leave or come in to the post. Well, we headed to the main gate, our radio on listening to the news. The deaths and injured were getting higher, sadly! We got to the main gate and just sat there! My mom soon had to use the restroom, so we headed to the place were my bros and dad get there hair cut at. We got to walk around and stretch. We soon tried to leave that place like 30 minutes later, but our battery went dead on the van! Thank the Lord that there was a guy in his truck going past us in that same parking lot! We got a jump from him! Anyway, we headed back to the main gate. When we did this, mom tried to call dad again, but just our luck, the phone went dead!!!!!!! Two hours later(I don't remember), mom had to use the restroom again. So Josh had to come to the front and drive if we moved forward. I thought that we'd never move forward!!!! Just after mom left, the lock-down was almost done, the all-clear was given. So Josh had to drive!!! At least, he knew how....I didn't!!! HAHA!!! We were nearing the gate and mom noticed that our gas was low! Praise the Lord that He made it last all the way to home! We got home and were re-united with our dad!!!!! After we ate, we finished my birthday presents and stuff! My Grandma Hamelund gave me a comforter(sent it home with dad) and Nathan gave me.................*drumroll*.....................a .22 long rifle....a gun to those who don't know what that is! :) Hehe! I am sooooooooo glad we're back home, but we weren't anywhere near danger, praise the Lord! Just remember to keep those who lost there loved ones and those who are injured in your prayers! That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

Was it scary? If it was that would be bad!

Brooke said...

To some people it was scary, but if I got shot, I knew were I'd spend eternity! I just got really frustrated because my dad was home and i haven't seen him in a month.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I heard about the shooting, but i had no clue you were so close! I'm praying for you all! We found out that there was an FBI shoot- out about 3 hours away from here, and that is scary. I guess it was an alkida leader(however you spell it!) ugh! When is this country gonna wake up?

Well, enough rambling, i wish i had a gun! I want a 270 though, so i can hunt!

Well, gotta go.

P.S. could you change my link to my new blog? Thanks!

Sharon said...

Praise the Lord y'all were safe, too!

Brooke said...

Sure I'll change your link! Sorry I haven't got around to it! We weren't that close...about a few minutes, though!
Yes, I am glad, also, that we are safe! Glad y'all weren't near here!!! :)

Koda said...

WOW you have a really nice bro!!!! haha! he actually gave you a 22!!! dang alls my bros give me is maybe a 500round box of ammo!! (which is still really nice) lol but a gun??? yeah maybe the day before i die they'll give me a 22. (but make sure that its in my will to give it back lol) (thats ok i already have my 22p. well im glad yall were safe during the lock down and everything! and BROOKE! common! dont tell me you dont know how to drive yet!!! its about time you learned!!! i love driving!!! <3 i started driving when i was 6. (and it was a stickshift of all things. *blah* (then) NOW i like stick shifts! especially the semi!!! lol great post!!!

Brooke said...

No I don't know how to drive, I think I'll have to wait until I'm 15 or 16....don't know!!! Yes, I have a nice brother........when he wants to be!! :)