Friday, November 27, 2009

New Pix on Here!! Wow!!! =D

Howdy y'all!!!!! Hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving! We had a blast at the church!!!! I took some new pics there and I thought y'all might want to see some pics on here!! Last time I tried, it had an error on it! :( So, some of these pics are from Thanksgiving and some of them I wanted to post! I finally found out a new technique on my program that I use, having the people color, and the background b&w! It turned out AWESOME!!!! For me, that is!! :) Gotta go!!! Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll post some more!! Haha! Bye! TTYL

Hannah and her dog, Comet!! This is the new technique! :D

New scenic pic, doesn't it look good??????

New technique with Charity!! Isn't she cute??????

New technique with me!! I like this new pic, It turned out ok.

This is my favorite!!! It looks like a good school pic, right????


Koda said...

LoVe the pictures Brooke! they are awesome! that is so CoOl the B&W background and the person/focus is color! neato!!!

Chris in FL said...

Great Pictures!!

Brooke said...

Thank you both!!!