Friday, October 30, 2009

NEW PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

Hey y'all!! My friend, Lakota, mentioned a new thing for me, so hopefully this worked! As y'all now, our church's skating party was yesterday. I was in charge of the candy which we give to the families after skating. I had asked Mrs. Hallman if Krista could come over and help with the bags and she was able to! She was alot of help!!! I mean it, too!! Here are some pics that I took of our bagging. Hope y'all enjoy!!

The yummy candy!!!!!! TEMPTATION! :)

My FAVORITE candy!!!! YUM!!

The bags! There are 70 total!

Krista finishing up her side with the Crunches. There were alot of Crunch bars!!!

An assortment of candy! Again....YUM!!!!!

Me and Krista......The Baggers! Haha

The complete project!!!!!!! It's Finished!!!


Koda said...

ohhh!! yummy!! YUMMY!!!! now brooke, you did save a few peices of candy for me right??? and im sure they are in the mail right now on their way to me am i correct???

Brooke said...

Haha!! Ya right!