Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's New

Howdy Y'all! Well, for one I just wanted to post to try out my new name thing, but I guess I can update you on a few things! ;) I got a new song the other day..... one of my absolutely FAVORITES! The song is......... *drumroll* "The Value of One"! I got it from one of my friends, thank you again, Rebekah! Now what elase? Hmmmmmm, My mom's birthday is coming up next Monday! So happy early birthday! I past my first tests in school the other day, so that's good. I know this was short, but I don't have much to say! Well I guess that's all, if you want me to post something special, then just leave a comment or email me! Better go!


Rebekah said...

Your Welcome!!!! Tell your Mama happy early Birthday!!!

Brooke said...

My mama says thank you. Hope you have a great week!