Friday, September 11, 2009


Howdy! Here are a few more of my favorite pics! Just one question before we proceed, Do y'all like my new background and name? I do because I AM a very proud ARMY brat!!! :) If you have any suggestions for colors or anything just tell me! All the pics!!

Me and Krista at her b-day party! I like this one! ;) Hehe

Hannah with her violin. She plays really well by ear. We have our own little orchestra...Charity plays her "trumpet", I play piano, and Hannah plays violin.

Me and Anna. I like this picture, I'll post the other pic with all of us girls whenever I get it from Anna! :)

Anna was really bad in this one because she stood on her toes just to get to the same height... Hehe! I'm taller than all of my friends except for maybe Ruth(Anna's sister who is the second oldest)!

I LOVE this one. I took it on Labor Day...I had my hair in to french braids you know like you have pig tails. I took my hair out and it was soooooo curly I just loved it and wanted a pic! Just to let you know I'm still experimenting with my name thing I don't know if I'll keep it this color or not. Any suggestions would be a lot of help!!!!! TTYL


Anonymous said...

In the goofy pic, Krista has a funny face :)
What were you two doing? From Taylor

Brooke said...

We were sticking our tongues out, she brought her face up a little. Thanks for commenting Taylor! It worked! Yay!